Medicine Hat BMX Club offers fun for the entire family!

With more than 30 years and pedalling, Medicine Hat BMX has been more than just a sports club; they have been a family. Built on a strong foundation of guidance, leadership and responsibility. From humble beginnings in the late 1970's the club was founded by dedicated volunteers, hard work and community; values still upheld today. The club was officially established as a society in June of 1982, marking a pivotal point for the success of the clubs founders: Gladys Mace, Garth Mace, Mark Watts and Diana Lodon.

The clubs membership stayed small in the early years, only seeing on average five riders each event night. The same values of dedication and perseverance proved fruitful for the club when they were granted a piece of city property to develop a track. Medicine Hat's premier location at the time, nestled on the outskirts of Kin Coulee park. Adjacent to major routes and events held at the park, the club and its activities gained much attention. Growing larger, gaining new memberships and community supporters the club went on to successfully host the Canadian National Race and the Alberta Provincial Race on the same weekend in 1997. Forward into present day, Medicine Hat BMX pridefully boasts a large secured and professionally maintained track and facility on the northern edge of the city.

The club proudly accepts riders at a very young age, valuing the experience and opportunity that BMX provides for children at all stages and into adulthood. As a club, there is no age limit on fun and achievement. An open door welcomes anyone who shares the passion and desire to experience the thrills of the sport. The club was founded on and continues to uphold the belief of teamwork and commitment to each other through sport and all aspects of life. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, a truly adrenaline pumping experience.

Structured lessons and open track sessions are regular perks enjoyed by members, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills. As riders progress, different levels of competition are available to them to train and compete against their peers. As a club they support their members with equipment, facility, education and instruction to grow and challenge their skills. More than just the fire of competition and adrenaline of the race; Medicine Hat BMX truly embodies what it means to live and breathe BMX; with no holds barred at living life to the fullest.

Meet Our Team! These people help make things for smoothly!

President - "Angie Lachapelle"

I have been involved with BMX and this club for the past 13 years, when my eight-year-old son developed a love for BMX.
I have held a position on the Board for the past twelve years; I have been the Volunteer Coordinator, Vice President, and President for six years previously somewhere in between. I bring many years of experience to this Club and the Board.
For this term, as President, I would like to focus on sharing knowledge with all of you, teaching our volunteers everything and anything BMX related, continue to promote the sport of BMX and to continue to improve and grow our club.
You will often find me at the track volunteering my time, on race nights you will find me in the best spot of the facility; out on the track, most likely announcing the races.

Vice President - "Connie Andres"

Connie has been involved with MHBMX for 5 years . She holds a commisaire licence for the last 3 years. Connie is also in charge of the promotion for the Medicine Hat BMX track, If you want any information please feel tree to contact Connie at 403-928-2099.

Secretary - "Fran Duhaime"

This is my 25th season with MHBMX. I started off volunteering for bingos with my brother, the following year I was bingo chairperson and within a few years from that I was club secretary. I am currently track operator and club secretary for Medicine Hat as well as BEM operator and treasurer for Alberta BMX. I am also BEM and moto building instructor for Alberta BMX. It has been my pleasure serving in these capacities for all these years and I look forward to doing so in the future.

Treasurer - "Fran Jassman"

My sister was part of BMX for 5 years before I joined, which she needed me because she was going to Lethbridge for University. I started as a Bingo volunteer. From there I became and still am Bingo Chairperson, secretary for Alberta BMX, treasurer for Medicine Hat BMX. I served several years on the local Bingo board as director and treasurer. I received my Provincial A level commissaire 4 years ago, Provincial B forever and turned down National level A because didn't want to leave the province. There isn't a thing I would not help or volunteer for. Thank you to my dear sister for introducing me to the sport of BMX!!!!

Director- "Nicole Giesbrecht"

My son joined BMX last year. We were quickly accepted, and found places to be involved as a family. But watching all the fun he was having, we couldn't let him do it all alone again. This year, both my boys, my husband and I will get on the track! I have enjoyed the opportunities to volunteer with the club last year, and am excited to join the board for my first time, and continue helping however I can.

Director of Promotions- "Cathy Oram"

2018 is my third year as a BMX mom, and first year on the board of directors as the social media director. I look after our Facebook page, and I am also working on our presence in the community as well as with other BMX clubs. My 2 oldest boys have their memberships this year, and my youngest will be hitting the track as a strider. We look forward to meeting all the new members and their families, as well as growing friendships with all of our returning riders!

Director, Parent Liaison - "Nick Gauthier"

Newest member of the board but a lifer for BMX. Nick started racing very young, left the sport in 1997 and then returned several years ago with his daughter Hallie and son Easton. He loves the sport and was very excited that his kids showed interest. But Nick is not a side line parent, he continues to race and volunteers in areas of coaching and track. He is a great mentor for the sport.

Director - "Justin Boksteyn"

Justin is new to the executive in 2018 and has been involved with the club since his son Nixon began to ride in 2015. He has been a part of our novice program since the 2018 season and assists with provincial riders. Justin brings a wealth of knowledge from his involvement in basketball, coaching players from ages 5-15 in the community and junior high school. He has a degree in elementary education and has been teaching since 2012.

Located at the corner of
23st. NW & 20th St. NW
Kitty Corner To MH Family Leisure Center (FLC)
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